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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Choice

Ofttimes you’ll hear a woman cry “It’s my body!”

Truthfully, while the baby lives and grows in the mother’s womb for about nine months, he or she is a distinct individual with his or her own unique abilities and experiences. The child’s blood is often a different blood type and never mixes with the mother’s. He or she has his or her own unique genetic identity and has innate abilities and talents the mother may not have. (taken from

It is her body carrying a baby. Within the first week the baby’s limbs appear and the face and head take shape. By three weeks there is a heartbeat, before most women even know they’re pregnant. Brainwaves have been measured as early as six weeks.

By the time a woman even has an abortion she is at least six weeks pregnant and her baby has a heartbeat, brainwaves, his or her own blood type…By eight weeks all organs are in place and present. At eight weeks the baby has intermittent breathing motions (though there is no air present in the uterus) occur. Yet it’s still cried “what about her dreams?” Killing your unborn baby to achieve your goals is not the right to choose; it’s the “right” to avoid even the minimum of responsibility.

Your goals do not become out of reach when you’re pregnant. I’ve read true stories of women who have finished their education while pregnant. No, it wasn’t their ideal situation but they recognized taking a life to finish their goal is selfish.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But I am saying think…abortion is killing your child. It’s not just a blob of tissue; a clump of cells. It is a live little human with a beating heart just as yours.

Your baby is developing and your womb is her or his home. Some pro-choicers I’ve talked with have said abortion is fine because the baby isn’t fully developed. Neither is a two-year toddler. Neither is a teenager. But is it right to kill them? No, you’ll be charged with murder (as you should be). An unborn baby is just at a different stage of development and we all were at the very same stage ourselves. It does not make it right to abort the baby because it is at the developmental stage s/he is suppose to be at.

"It's just a clump of cells," a pro-choicer said. My answer was "look in the mirror. We are all just a clump of cells." An unborn baby is equal to a newborn: both have a heartbeat, brainwaves, their own DNA, fingerprints, organs, limbs, a mind and a life purpose.

So is it truly her choice to kill someone else? Is it my choice to kill my newborn because I suddenly no longer want the baby?

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