The Radical Notion That All Life Should Be Valued & That Truth Will Prevail

Friday, September 2, 2011

Abby Johnson

I feel like it should be said that Abby Johnson should not be hated or looked down on. No she's not perfect but are you or I? Yea didn't think so. She worked for an abortion clinic, yes, and because of that I'm always hearing horrible things about her. Yes, she worked there. But ya know what? she's pro-life now, one of us! She worked against us at one point in her life and regrets it, but she can'...t change it and neither will hatred; hatred does nothing good.
It is also said "too bad she didn't change sooner." Lets look at the positive- she changed! God was working on her, and we as humans are very weak sometimes, not strong enough to do the right thing and ignore Him.
Y'all remember Paul? yeah he was Saul, killer of Christians. He switched sides (like Abby). Jesus forgave him, and Paul did great things. Yes, if he had changed sooner more Christians woulda lived, but the thing is he repented and turned from his sinful, wicked ways. He did great things!
Abby can't change her past, the things she did and neither could Paul. But God gave both His mercy, grace and love. Let us extend the same to her. She is fighting for life just as strongly if not more so than she did for abortion.
Let us love one another, let us be pro-life and not merely anti-abortion