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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Abortion: only a women issue?

No, abortion also concerns men. They have a responsibility to speak out against abortion because real men don't stand by with their hands in their pockets while the unborn are being killed. Men against abortion have every right to speak against it and those who tell them to shut up need to stay consistent and tell the ones who are for it to shut up also. After all, if it doesn't concern men why should they say it's ok to kill the unborn?

The pro-choice side is so quick to tell prolife men to shut it yet again, they're inconsistent. They also didn't mind that in 1973 when Roe. v. Wade was decided upon all members were male- but wait, they shouldn't have a voice in the matter! Yet they were the ones who legalized abortion.

Again, most abortionists are men. Many men force women into abortion. So evidently the only men the prochoice side wants silenced are the men who believe women can do better than abortion.

And lastly, if the argument is men cannot get pregnant therefore shouldn't have a voice in it, what about the women who can't get pregnant? Should only fertile women be allowed to have an opinion?