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Sunday, August 28, 2011

human or not human

When a woman is pregnant obviously it's an unborn baby. But pro-choicers call it a fetus (although if you look it up fetus is Latin for little child or something along those lines). And it seriously bugs me crazy much when someone says "it's not a human."

Not a human? Then what the heck is she carrying in there, an alien? A pregnant dog is pregnant with puppies, a pregnant cat with kittens, and you know what I'm getting at. A human is only pregnant with a little human, a baby. It is alive, with his or her own set of DNA. His or her heart is already beating by the time most women discover they're pregnant.

I thought the argument was for person hood, not if it's human or not. But I guess if it's not human, then there is no argument if it gets person hood status or not.

People beget people, dogs beget dogs, praying mantises beget praying mantises. One doesn't deny that creatures (every living thing I mean by that) are pregnant with what they are yet one will deny a woman is pregnant with a little human. They say it's nothing but a mass of cells. We are all a bunch of cells, does it make you or I any less human? Yeah, didn't think so.

They say the unborn fetus has potential to become a human or person, it has the blueprint, like an acorn seed has the potential, blueprint to become an acorn tree. There is a difference, because by 8 weeks in a pregnancy the unborn fetus has everything like the rest of us and from then on it is just developing more. An acorn seed isn't a baby tree, but the unborn? Is a baby person.

So no, the unborn baby isn't just a potential human or person or whatever they call it, it is a human, it is a person.

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