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Friday, April 15, 2011

Camaros, jeeps and a really cute guy

So today I took my mom and three little sisters to the homeschool skating. I didn't really feel like skating so I walked over to the library and got on the computer. While there this super cute guy sits at the computer next to me.

Well I'm reading this post my sister left me on Facebook and it just totally cracked me up and he glanced at me. A few minutes later, he starts to laugh at something and then looks at me so I look at him and with this wide smile says "oops, I'm sorry." I kinda nodded- cuz well, I wasn't sure what he was apologizing about til it hit me he had just burst out laughing.

I proceed to look on the Kelley blue book, trying to find out how much I could sell my camaro for. No way I wanna sell my car though, she's my baby! I bought her last July and I totally love my car.

He sees me on there and asks what kind of car I have and whatnot. I can't find where I figure out what my car is worth so he helps me. Then we get to talking about his camaro. The fact he owns a camaro is awesome. The fact he was looking up my favorite style of jeep was sweet. And add to the fact he was extremely cute...Yeah, it was cool.

Then low and behold his girlfriend walks in. He did not look too happy about it either and tried to make her go away but she wouldn't. When my mom texted me she and my little sisters were almost ready, and I got up to leave he gave me a lingering look. He didn't want me to go. But c'mon, I'd want me over her too.

But seriously, look at this jeep...
and look at my sexy beast...

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