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Monday, April 4, 2011


Soo today has been pretty epic. Like seriously, I could not have asked for a better morning. To start it off, my bestest friend Amy (the one I went to see in Alaska) and I talked for like an hour and a half. Ah man she always makes me laugh. She is pretty awesome.

And then after we get off the phone, I come downstairs and get on the computer and check the email. And I have an email from Tim Downs (well probably not him exactly but anyways) and it was a Publisher's Weekly review on his new book being released like May 17th, Nick of Time. Man, I love this series, the Bug Man books. It is totally awesome and I've been waiting for the fifth book (I do believe it's the fifth, lol) to come out for like two years now. I couldn't control myself. I was like "Mom, a new Bug Man book!" And then to my little sister (who by the way, was sitting like across from mom...) "A new Bug Man book!" and over and over I went, so stoked. I am still very excited and cannot wait for May! Ok, so I already couldn't anyway but even more so now because a new Bug Man book is coming out!!!!

Next, I logged onto Textnovel where I am currently writing two stories. They have contests going on there, but I haven't entered because, well, I'm so new on there with not very many views on my stories. But it's fun. Anyways, I see my story I Saw it All has a few more comments, so I click to read 'em and I see that my story has been picked by the editors! Every two weeks they pick a new story and encourage you to keep writing and editing and get more people to view and vote for your story. I was stunned, lemme tell ya!

So, here's the link to it. Read it. Vote for it. And ignore the typos, I am working on fixing them. And maybe share this blog entry (or the link) so they can read and vote too. I do so appreciate it.

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