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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(Body) Artwork & (no) Regrets

Wow. It feels like every time I turn around someone else I know is 1) wanting to get a tattoo, 2) getting a tattoo and 3) wanting a second (or whatever number they're on).

Ok, so trust me, I totally get that some tattoos are fabulous. Some have special meaning to the one who gets it. But good gosh, everyone wants one or more! Like, seriously, what is the obsession? It's like a freakin' tattoo craze!

I'm not a hater of ink, don't get me wrong. I do like some tattoos. I stated above I get some are fabulous. Heck, I do admire epic tattoos. But no way am I surrendering my body to be used as an art canvass; to some artist who likes using flesh as the drawing board.

So, ok maybe my belief, my faith (I wouldn't exactly call it an religion, more of an relationship) plays a part in my decision to not tattoo myself. Now, there's been times I've been tempted. I've even picked out the tattoo I'd get, well two of 'em but I have officially decided I am not getting any ink. I will admire others.

Mind you though, I'm not saying it's a sin for a Christian (an actual Christian who is truly born-again and living for Jesus; not one who just takes the title Christian as soo many do) to get ink. The Bible doesn't flat out say "do not tattoo yourself." But I personally cannot do it with a clear conscience. I feel it's wrong. I won't judge or condemn anyone, but I do ask you to seek Jesus in it. I mean, after all you are claiming to be His son or daughter so in any decision you should seek Him out.

Another thing- outside of Christianity- multiple tattoos, depending on their location and what they are, don't really look all that great anyways. And when you're old? Hahaha, sorry, but I laugh, but it looks so darn ridiculous. I see an old man or old woman with all their tattoos and it just looks gross. It may look super amazing when you're twenty but when you're sixty? Umm...

So young people, I know it's hard but try and picture yourself as an old man or old woman- like sixty to seventy. You're old, wrinkly and wise. You still gunna like the ink? (Ok, so most are going to say yes, but honestly, you're going to change as you age so you may not...). Is your ink still gunna look good or are your grandkids gunna be like 'grandpa or grandma that looks sorta silly'?

Ask an older adult in your life with some ink, see what they have to say. I know people, have read stories of senior folk regretting their tattoo(s). Not all do, mind ya, but some. You could be the one who does.

I'm not saying do not get a tattoo. Just trying to caution you to be thoughtful. Don't get a tattoo on whim- more of a possibility of regretting it. Don't get an meaningless tattoo- more chance of regretting it. Cuz you don't wanna be seventy and looking back at a life full of mistakes/regrets. Live life to the fullest (and it doesn't always mean getting a tattoo, haha) and try not to have any regrets.

Now this is an epic tattoo and quite similar to what I'd want. Similar, but not exact. Ain't it fabulous?