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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Driving & Snow

Straying from the topic I've been writing about for the last seven posts, I'm going to say that I love snow. Usually. It figures this winter in my area we get more snow than we have in the past few. Last year it was pretty decent, a few good, heavy snow falls which I adored.

But this year, I work about 35-40 minutes from home, and it seems like it only snows before I hafta go to work, so I'm stuck driving on terrible roads because it snowed all day and the plow trucks can't keep up.

I don't mind too bad really. I'm not exactly scared to drive in the snow. But you see, I have a Camaro and they slide pretty easily. I'm not afraid to slide, that's rather fun (more on that in a bit) but I am worried I'll wreck my car. Totally crush me because she's my baby.

So far so good, and we only slid off the road once, last month due to the roads being covered in ice and I foolishly didn't realize how slick they were. I'm not gonna lie, it was exhilarating. I was on the interstate (and surprisingly nobody else was around) and my car slid into the other lane, back into my lane, over into the other lane, spun around backwards and through the ditch. Cool part? I didn't freak out. As most of you probably know, hitting your brakes when sliding doesn't help. Neither does jerking on the steering wheel. I tried to keep some control of the wheel, but I knew I couldn't jerk it because that wouldn't help.

We flew through that ditch too. The dusting of snow we had the day or two before went flying into the air so we were surrounded by white. We stopped at the edge of the interstate and spun the tires to get back out there on the interstate.

Yeah, it was fun and exciting. Can't say I wanna do it again though. I was blessed to have a clear road when my car slid. I was blessed no damage was done to my car- and me.

So yes, if you look out my window you'll see a buncha snow. It snowed for awhile yesterday too, but I am off for the weekend so I didn't mind. In fact my sister and I walked down to the post office.

One of my favorite parts about winter is being outside when it's snowing. I love having the snow dust onto my hat and coat. It makes me smile.

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