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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am pro-life. I was recently in a discussion about pro-life verses pro-choice when someone brought up the fact there are two sides to the pro-life movement. At first I was apt to disagree until upon further thinking, I realized that was true. She believes that if you’re pro-life you should have no sympathy for the women who have been hurt by their decision to abort; she also stated that even if they regret their decision, they shouldn’t enjoy life because their baby is now dead.

Are you kidding me? The last thing these women need is our judgement and cold words! I know that there are the occasional few (so I’ve been told) women who absolutely do not regret their abortion, but most women do. And by yelling at them, calling them baby killers, is mean. Yes, they killed their baby (it is also legal here in the U.S. so honestly, there is no punishment for it except the guilt the woman feels), but they regret it.

When I told her they regret their decision she basically said “so what?! they killed their baby! They shouldn't even be alive!” Ok yes, I get that she killed her baby…the girl gets that. But what are you doing with those harsh words? Are you helping her? Are you helping the pro-life movement? In my opinion, no, you’re not. Someone who had an abortion may read her words, and be silenced forever. When she could have spoken up, and made a difference, sharing her story. Who else better to speak up for life than one who has been hurt by abortion?

Yes, your baby is dead. It’s horrible. It’s tragically sad. But to say that because you killed your baby you shouldn’t be alive either, is well, not pro-life.

I am pro-life. I am for all life. If you are discussing abortion with someone who is pro-choice and say the mother should be killed as well, they’re going to laugh at you. I’ve seen it happen, time and again. Because there you are, claiming to be pro-life yet wishing someone dead.

So when I say I’m pro-life, I’m not just referring to abortion; I am literally for all life. Of course I've been told I am not for the pregnant woman's life if I take away her 'right' to abort.

And those on the pro-choice side may say, have said, I am forcing my beliefs and opinions on them by trying to make abortion illegal and all I say in response is this: are not you forcing your beliefs and opinions on me by keeping it legal?

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