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Monday, July 4, 2011

what about partial-birth abortion?

When I first heard about partial-birth abortion I was absolutely disgusted. And I couldn't believe it was allowed to happen.

Pro-choicers often claim partial-birth abortion is done to save the mother's life. Are you actually serious?! They are delivering all but the head of the baby, and then with a poweful vacuum suck out the baby's brains, collasping the skull.

That's not considered murder because the baby has yet to draw in a breath of air. Really? I was under the impression a heartbeat and brain waves (which the baby has) is, by medical standards, alive.

It has also been noted by the way, that there is no medical reason for a partial-birth abortion. When you're ok to survive the baby being pulled through the birth canal there is no reason to kill your baby. If the mother can survive that, she can survive a live birth.

It was said by pro-choicers a mother wants her baby when they perform a partial-birth abortion but she can't keep it because her life is in danger. But she can survive the almost delivery? Yeah...

Keep in mind when a partial-birth abortion is done, the baby is at least five months along and with today's technology, most likely has a fighting chance in the NICU. There is no reason to have the baby's skull crushed.

Partial-birth abortion is is beyond disgusting. How does a human deliver a little baby and do that? I can't understand that...It's awful.

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